Washington Unemployment

Truck Driver Overtime

Anytime an employee is terminated or quits and is not able to find a job right away, one of the issues is whether the employee should receive unemployment compensation. In many unemployment cases the stakes are high because if the former employee loses, the State of Washington will demand that he or she repay any money that has been paid to him or her by the Employment Security Department (ESD).

Jim Gray has represented a number of former employees at their hearings in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or at the Commissioner’s Review Office. If you have been terminated or quit, Jim Gray will evaluate your case for receiving unemployment and tell you whether he thinks you need an attorney to represent you. If you do decide to hire Jim to represent you, he will tell you what information he needs from you to help him fight the case and what he will do as part of his representation.

Even if you decide to represent yourself, Jim will explain how the process works and give you useful tips for the hearing. Jim recommends that you come in to talk to him as soon as possible before the hearing.

Also, if you are still employed and are thinking about quitting your job, Jim will discuss your chances of getting unemployment and what you can do to document your reasons for quitting. If you are still employed but are afraid you will be fired, Jim will discuss what you can do to keep from getting fired–so you won’t need to apply for unemployment in the first place–or, if you are fired, what kinds of evidence you will need to provide to show that you should receive unemployment. In any of these situations, Jim strongly suggests that you talk to him as soon as possible and certainly before you quit.