Washington Employee Rights

Skamania Courthouse
Skamania County Washington Court House" by Dcoetzee - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Jim Gray has been helping employees since 1984. He practices only on the side of the employee. Jim Gray practices in Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania Counties in Washington in the area of employee rights.

Although Washington is an at-will state, there are many exceptions to employment at will; Jim Gray will determine whether any of these exceptions apply to your case when he meets with you. All initial consultations are in person and are confidential. Jim Gray will thoroughly evaluate your situation and explain your alternatives.

If you are still employed at the job you are seeking advice on, Jim Gray strongly recommends that you schedule an appointment before you quit or are fired because he may be able to give you advice that saves your job. For union members, he strongly suggests they file a grievance with their employer with the help of their union as soon as possible, since timelines for grievances are usually short.

All initial consultations are on an hourly basis paid by check at the end of the consultation. (No credit or debit cards accepted.) At the initial consultation Jim Gray will also determine if your case is one he will take on a contingent fee basis. Jim makes this decision on a case by case basis. A contingent fee basis means you do not pay Jim Gray until or unless he wins the case except for costs and the initial consultation fee.

Jim Gray has helped employees in a range of cases, from discrimination to wrongful discharge to wage and hour cases to unemployment. In 2007 he won Bostain v. Food Express, Inc., 159 Wn.2d 700, 153 P.3d 846 (2007) in the Washington Supreme Court. In that case the Washington Supreme Court agreed with Jim’s client and held that truck drivers based in Washington are entitled to overtime under the Washington Minimum Wage Act for all hours they work, even if it is in other states. This includes jobs where the trucker is paid by the hour, by the mile, by the load or by the trip or any other way.